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Linerless Labels

Just Print and Stick!

Linerless labels represent true "print and stick technology".  These products don't require a release liner - the slick backing that you normally peel from regular labels and end up throwing away. 

The result is high quality printed labels with less waste.

Direct thermal, linerless label supplies are available with both permanent and removable adhesive.

Linerless media advantages:

  • Material Savings
    With no liner and up to 60% more labels per roll than linered labels, your cost per label can be reduced.
  • Freight and Storage Savings
    More labels per roll means less weight and fewer boxes to store and ship.
  • High Durability & Environmental Resistance
    Release coating on label surface acts as a barrier to u.v. light, moisture, abrasion and other harmful environmental factors.
  • Versatility
    Labels can be printed and cut to any length.
  • Increase Productivity
    More labels per roll means less roll changes.
  • Safer
    Eliminate the hazard of slippery liner waste on the warehouse floor.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    No liner waste to dispose.
 linerless 2te 245x150 app